idでは建築・インテリアをはじめとする、空間づくりをしています。 We are designing architecture, interior, and more.

石田 えり eri ISHIDA




Eri Ishida, founder of id architecture,

Architect with over 15 years experience, designing high-end residential and commercial spaces, specialising in creating custom-made and elegant family homes. Tezuka Architects alum and co-founder of KITE architecture. Founded id architecture in 2011. Finalist in the Osaka Gas Housing Awards for a residential project, Tsuinosumika.

Strongly influenced by time spent in New York and Boston (Northeastern University in 2003) – moved there alone at age 15 to explore the world and be challenged. Valuable insights into diverse styles, cultures and people gained during this period.

Adept at understanding what is most important for the client and providing design solutions that reflect their values through the building’s character and form. Fascinated by how a structure, and the space it safeguards, affects human behaviour and, ultimately, quality of life.

The primary focus at id is to create a visceral connection between the building and the person/people it houses: How will this person’s day be shaped by what we are about to create? How do these people interact with each other, and how can we craft a space in which pre-existing positive dynamics are augmented to ensure an optimal living/professional experience for everyone?

id’s aesthetic is minimal but warm: we carve out fresh, comfortable living spaces with natural light and angular lines, and relish using wood and glass complemented at times with heavier materials such as stone and even concrete.